Loxone Modbus Meters For Smart Energy Monitoring

Lucinda Wood
30th March 2015 in Technology

Earlier this month, we released a new update of Loxone Config (if you haven’t yet had a chance to try it, you’ll find it available to download for free here). As you may have seen, version 6.3 features a new Energy Manager function block to help you keep track of your current electricity production and consumption and manage your self-produced electricity efficiently.

As part of our commitment to helping you keep track of your energy use, we have released two new Modbus Electricity Meters – one single phase and one three phase.

The New Loxone Modbus Electricity Meter

The Highlights

Modbus Electricity MeterWith the new Modbus Electricity Meter you have a quick overview of all your current data such as energy (total and partial), active power, voltage and electricity.

modbus-statisticsYou can work out how much power your standby devices are consuming and turn them off to help conserve energy.

modbus-energiezaehler-sparenYou can identify potential energy savings throughout your Loxone Smart Home.

modbus-energiezaehler-bidirektionalYou can measure bi-directional values i.e. both usage and e.g. the contribution made by your solar panel that feeds into the power grid.

The Loxone Modbus Electricity Meters are available in two versions:

smart-energy-meter-1phase-left-free smart-energy-meter-3phase-left-free
Single phase Modbus Electricity Meter for £144.00 including VAT. The 1-phase Modbus meter allows you to monitor the usage of individual devices or rooms. 3-Phase Modbus Electricity Meterfor £255.00 including VAT. This will give you an overview of usage across your entire home!

modbus-energiezaehler-app1In contrast to at pulsed energy meter, the Modbus Electricity Meter uses internal processing to calculate both power and energy.

Together with the Modbus Extension, the Miniserver can read this information and represent it visually. This will give you an overview wherever you are and whenever you want – you can even view statistics for historic data.

Easy To Integrate

With the help of the template (available in Loxone Config 6.3 and newer versions), the new Modbus Electricity Meter can be easily integrated into your home.

Be sure to get your hands on a Modbus Electricity Meter to make sure that you are using energy efficiently!

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