Silvia Križanová’s Loxone Smart Home

Zsanett Koves
20th October 2023 in Case Studies

After a long time spent worrying over the complicated controls of their home, Silvia Križanová’s family decided to give intelligent building automation a chance. They have been living with the Loxone system for more than 2 years. What has changed since then, and what do they like most about their Loxone Smart Home? Take a tour with us to find out.

Silvia “Sisa” Križanová, a well-known influencer and mother of two children, fulfilled her lifelong ambition when her family moved into their dream home with a garden. As new technologies were implemented into the house, the number of switches and control panels also increased over time. This created a complicated setup that needed constant attention. In addition to this inconvenience, the style of the switches clashed with the interior design of the residence.

The family discovered the Loxone smart home automation system as a potential solution to all these problems, and immediately fell in love with it. The main challenge was to streamline the controls of all the smart features installed in the house, and to ensure their safety and security. And, since they like to travel, being able to remotely access and operate their smart home is a significant added benefit for them.

Take a look inside their home with us:

I will always trust Loxone. It’s not only a technology that has made my everyday life easier, but also made my free time with family and friends more enjoyable. I see it as a great advantage that with occupancy sensors I don’t have to interfere with the lighting at all, even just at night when the night mode kicks in. I quickly got used to not having to worry about the outside blinds, as they automatically close when evening comes and I feel safe.

Silvia Križanová


Take a look inside

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