Firmware Update: Audioserver

19th October 2020 in For Partners
The Audioserver was released 7 weeks ago, and since then we haven’t stopped ensuring that this revolution-starter is on top-form. Our experienced and knowledgeable in-house teams have been working on quashing the bugs and packaging the fixes identified since release. As a result, this morning we will be publishing a software update.

If you have already set your Audioserver to receive automatic updates, then sit back and relax as this will be pushed to devices this morning. If not, you can still ensure your device is updated by initiating the update via the web interface. Simply visit the IP address in a browser and select the update available from the popup. We would recommend that you enable the “Automatic Update” feature for your project to ensure you customers are always using the latest firmware and software. (The following steps are for Loxone Partners. Please speak with your Loxone Partner if you would like to discuss these functions for your installation.)

Enable automatic updates

To ensure you are always running the latest software release on your Audioserver, we recommend enabling Automatic Updates. You can do this by connecting to your Audioserver via its IP address in a browser to perform an update. 

Manually check for updates

You can also make sure that you are running the latest version by going to the IP address of your Audioserver in a web browser, navigating to the “Actions” tab and clicking on “Check for Updates”.

Initiate firmware update in Config

When you have selected the Audioserver in the periphery in Loxone Config, you can click on the “Update Audioserver Firmware”. For this step, you need to follow the prompts to download the firmware onto the SD card and then perform the update.