Audioserver changelog


changed: resolve hostname & hostname pushing in dhcp networks
changed: crashwatchlog
changed: library scan priority
set volume before examining source state (via stacking)
Add unstable stream error
Diagnosis Monitor add ndays of logging
activated max Volume Handling
activated Volume Offset
404 not found if no img was found = no image fallback to library.png
fix pause state over stacking
fix playlist/play empty playlist should not be played. first press …
fixed Library Access
fixed no shuffle via unauth http
fixed spotify pause between tracks (no gaps with mixes / audio books)
changed network handling of 10.x Class A/B/C Nets
AUDIO1-I894 Rescan memory fixed, send status while scanning
AUDIO1-I943 send original command to spotify for searching
AUDIO1-I869 Default Volume -1
AUDIO1-I763 Forget set ledstate correctly and answer to Miniserver
AUDIO1-I889 fix parent name if playing a nas folder
AUDIO1-I763 do not set learning blinkmode after forget
AUDIO1-I927 Rename Files with # / No Rename on Users NAS
AUDIO1-I815 Linein & RoomFavorite Fixes