Introducing the Partner Preview for V10

30th August 2018 in For Partners

As you probably already know, next week we’ll be releasing our updated suite of Smart Home software…Version 10 of Loxone OS, Config and App. We’ve packed this revolutionary smart home software with new features and improvements focusing on efficiency for you, our Loxone Partners.

The 10th major instalment of arguably the world’s most powerful suite of smart home software will officially be available for download from 25 September 2018. But are you keen to get your hands on it sooner? Then download Partner Preview and get stuck in.

Timely information.
Thanks to System Status.

Another new feature in Version 10 is System Status. Like the dashboard in your car, System Status in the Loxone App as well as in Loxone Config will display a range of general information and crucial messages pertaining to the smooth operation of the smart home. It’s like the Miniserver runs it’s own health check and you can decide what needs to be acted on. A distinction is made between the following levels:


  • Large difference between room temperature and target point
  • Successful firmware update
  • and more…


  • Insecure credentials
  • SD Card high write load
  • and more…

Important Messages

  • Air device offline
  • Air channel busy
  • Extension offline
  • Client-gateway offline
  • and more…

Being informed of the above, at the earliest, means you can ensure a healthy smart home system is maintained and you can address any concerns before there’s ever a problem.

Information in one place. 
Thanks to System Variables.

The new System Variables in Loxone Config give you more freedom and flexibility. With the help of the new System Variables, you decide which weather information is more suited for displaying to your customer. Whether that be local data recorded by the Weather Station or information supplied from the Weather Service. You can now decide which values are displayed in the visualization. The information from System Variables is then used by all Function Blocks that use this information, ie. the Intelligent Room Controllers and Climate Controllers.

More clarity. 
Thanks to Lighting Groups.

The expanding range of Loxone Lighting products is developed to deliver exceptional light quality – benefit both you and your customer – requiring little installation effort while delivering fantastic features in a smart home. To improve the way lighting is shown in Config, we’re introducing Lighting Groups – a convenient way to combine several lights into an addressable group that will be controlled in sync.
This creates a sensical structure and all the lights in a single group will benefit from synchronous control.

Impressively efficient.
New device manager for Tree & Air.

During the development of this latest version of Config – apart from ensuring that we add numerous features and improvements for homeowners – we have also kept a strong focus on improvements for you, our Loxone Partners. We wanted to make sure that we streamlined some processes to save on the installation time so that you can offer a better service from the initial planning stage through to commissioning a Real Smart Home.

In this regard, pairing smart home peripherals has been thoroughly streamlined – making it a smoother and faster process. This is just one of the fundamental steps to configuring a Real Smart Home so that it can save your customers up to 50,000 tasks a year and save you time on the installation itself.

Check out the new Device Manager for learning-in Loxone Air and Loxone Tree devices…

Seeking stability. 
Loxone Air frequency change.

The Loxone Air & Tree technologies form the foundation of Real Smart Homes. The flexibility that Loxone Air provides is exceptional, thanks to a dedicated wireless technology. In order to ensure that Loxone Air technology continues to be a reliable and stable wireless smart home solution, it’s important that the radio frequency it works on is the best possible one available. You won’t need to fiddle around with this to determine what works best as Loxone Config V10 will now notify you when a frequency change is recommended. Then, with just a few clicks, you can switch to the optimum radio frequency. The result, the Air devices in your installations will be on a more stable and reliable connection.

On-the-go know how.
Improved online documentation.

You’re on site and there is no internet connection. It’s not uncommon. We know that this has made it tricky when you need to access our online documentation to check some details of a Function Block, for example.

Therefore, so that you are not dependant on the internet to access this information on site, V10 of our Config includes an element of offline documentation. This includes an improved description of Function Blocks; including its use, parameters, inputs and outputs.

Refreshingly new.
Refreshingly different.

During the development of V10, we paid particularly close attention to how room climate was managed. Real Smart Homes will now have an improved method for room climate control, ultimately improving the feature set you deliver to your customer. So what is new? We’ve improved the automatic interaction between heating and cooling, as well as room ventilation – while maintaining mindfulness of energy efficiency.

To achieve this, Loxone Config V10 contains three new Function Blocks that give you, our Loxone Partner, the ability to easily make different heating and cooling sources available to automatically achieve the right temperature in a room. With this comes simplified temperature modes and settings.

Everything in view.
Everything in control.

The new Loxone Config V10 also brings more innovation to our Smart Home App. Interacting with the climate control for a room is now an easier, more intuitive process for occupants of Loxone Smart Homes.

The new Intelligent Room Controller can independently decide whether a room requires a heating or cooling source in order to achieve the desired temperature.

Tomorrow’s possibilities
are available today!

The new version of Loxone OS, Config and the App will officially become available towards the end of September 2018. As a Loxone Partner, you can already get your hands on the Partner Preview of V10.

Ensuring software is up-to-date is a great way to give your customers the best possible features and latest security improvements for their Real Smart Home. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with what’s to come in V10, why not start scheduling appointments with your customers to upgrade their Real Smart Home to V10.