BACnet Certification for the Loxone Miniserver

Zsanett Koves
23rd October 2023 in Technology
The world of building automation is undergoing rapid changes as more and more intelligent systems become available for integration. To survive in this complex ecosystem, interoperability between different devices and systems is crucial. This is exactly where BACnet comes into play: it’s a communication protocol that was developed specifically for building automation.

Since the launch of Loxone Config version, the Loxone Miniserver has received BACnet certification (BTL-31076). This acclaimed license confirms that our Miniserver meets the high standards required for interoperability and reliability within building automation systems.

The Loxone Miniserver supports a variety of BACnet profiles and functions, including:

  • BACnet Smart Actuator (B-SA)
  • BACnet Gateway (B-GW)

It also works with a wide range of supported object types and BACnet Interoperability Building Blocks (BIBBs), such as Analogue Input, Analogue Output, Binary Input, Binary Output as well as “Data Sharing” and “Device Management“.

Loxone sensors and actuators are now also an integral part of a BACnet-controlled building.

Miniserver firmware version and up supports a number of BACnet profiles and functions, including:

  • Device profiles:
    BACnet Smart Actuator (B-SA) and BACnet Gateway (B-GW)
  • Supported BIBBs (Building Block Definitions):
    Data Sharing, Device Management and more
  • Supported Object Types:
    Analogue Input, Analogue Output, Binary Input, Binary Output
  • Data connection options:

The Miniservers operate as a BACnet server.
For communication with other BACnet devices that are also configured as servers, an additional BACnet client is required. Usually this is a software that runs on a computer.
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What is BACnet?

BACnet stands for “Building Automation and Control Networks”. It is an internationally recognised communication protocol for building automation. It enables the seamless integration of different systems and devices, from zoned heating to safety and security technology. BACnet is not manufacturer-specific and therefore promotes interoperability in building automation.

The BACnet certification of the Loxone Miniserver is more than just a commendation:

  • Interoperability: With BACnet certification, Loxone Partners can be sure that the Miniserver will seamlessly interact with other BACnet-compatible systems.
  • Flexibility: The extensive support of various BACnet functions enables our Partners to plan and implement diverse and complex projects.
  • Trust: A BACnet certification is a seal of approval for quality and reliability.

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