BACnet is a standardized network protocol for building automation.
BACnet IP support enables the integration of such devices and systems.

The Miniserver serves as a BACnet server. Communication is based on the client-server model.
The Miniserver provides data, the client acts as a 'user' accessing the data.
Device Profile used: BACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC).

The Miniservers BACnet Device ID is calculated from its serial Number, and cannot be changed.

An introduction to the functionality and the configuration in Loxone Config is available in this video on YouTube.

BACnet requires the current Miniserver, the Miniserver Gen. 1 is not supported!

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Summary Description Value Range Default Value
Port TCP port on which this BACnet server can be accessed 1...65535 47808
IP IP addressing (IPv4 or IPv6) - -