71 CO2-negative and climate-neutral flats

Zsanett Koves
30th October 2023 in Case Studies
71 CO2-negative and climate-neutral flats – that was O3SHIFT’s goal from the start. In collaboration with hybrid source-independent heating system provider SEDS, and Loxone Partner iSmart, O3SHIFT took on the challenge. The result: an exemplary model of sustainability in Lier.

The 71 flats, spread over three buildings, make nearly passive living possible. Sustainability was key during construction, which is why SEDS (Sustainable Energy Distribution System) was chosen to provide the air conditioning. They implement the ideal comfort temperature and hot water for residential units with their sustainable and innovative system. They offer an affordable, energy-efficient and tangible answer to today’s pollutive installations. In this project, each residential flat received its own SEDS unit which was paired to a heat pump. O3SHIFT wanted to control everything through intelligent automation and to gain more control over operations including indoor temperature through a central system. This is why they approached Loxone Gold Partner iSmart. They offer bespoke digital solutions, and quickly recognised the added value of Loxone smart home and building automation for this project.

Loxone has proven here that the product quality is very high. The stability of the various components is unprecedented, and the free software offered by Loxone to efficiently programme such projects is extremely practical for projects of this size. Thus, thanks to the Multiplicator function, we achieved a very high efficiency degree in this case.

Tim Mertens

Business Developer, iSmart

Integration with Loxone

“One of the specific challenges in this installation was linking the heating system with the Loxone system. The user sets their climate control via Loxone and all these set points need to be carried out by the SEDS heating system,” says Tijs Proost, Digital Solution Architect at iSmart. A classic thermostat was not sufficient, the developer wanted a smart solution to control the heating and communicate temperature measurements, therefore Loxone and the Miniserver were chosen. The temperature sensor integrated in the Loxone Touch switch measures the current temperature in the flats. This data is sent to the SEDS units by the Loxone system over the network via BACnet. A network was built in the basement where all flats and units are connected. This creates one united heating and control system through integration with Loxone.

In each flat, Loxone Presence Sensors are used to operate the automated control of lighting and several other smart functions. Together with the integrated Weather Stations, Loxone automation ensures intelligent zoned heating based on the desired comfort temperature, the actual temperature and the position of the sun.

We are currently developing a dashboard that will log all temperatures, settings and consumption into a central database. If a problem should arise, owners will be able to view what is wrong via the central platform. It will also record billing data. This is currently a work in progress, but we’re trying to open it up towards the future and link it with Loxone to read out all statuses.

Tijs Proost

Digital Solution Architect, iSmart

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