New: Loxone Air Wireless Technology Is Here!

12th March 2014 in Technology

Every home can now become a Smart Home! Loxone Air is a wireless technology that has been tailored to the exact requirements of a true smart home. With the introduction of Loxone Air enabled devices, it is finally possible to wirelessly automate your home without compromise and without the need to pull a single new cable! No new cables, no mess!

Read on to find out more about Loxone Air – the wireless answer to home automation.

5 Highlights – Everything You Could Possibly Wish For

Large Coverage:

Using mesh networking technology ensures that there are no boundaries to the size of your installation, since each new device increases the network coverage.

Great Flexibility:

The lack of wiring and the versatility of our products mean that the level of automation of your house is limited only by your imagination.

Low Energy Consumption:

All Loxone Air products were fine-tuned to consume as little energy as possible, whilst ensuring that the communication network was rock solid.

Plug & Play:

All Loxone Air products can be set up in your home and become part of your Loxone system with just a few clicks.

Cool Products:

Loxone Air products are more that they seem at first glance. Taking the Smart Socket Air as an example – its in-built power meter and temperature sensor make it so much more than your average wireless plug and allow for countless cool uses around your home.

With the Smart Socket Air you can take control of all items around your home – Lamps, heaters, the washing machine or your hair straighteners… Never wonder whether you have left something on by mistake!


The Air Base Extension

For anyone that wants to enjoy the benefits of Loxone Air, you’ll need either a Miniserver Go OR a Miniserver and an Air Base Extension.

Loxone Air Base Extension 
The Air Base Extension is the interface to let your Miniserver communicate with other Air devices and forms the cornerstone of our Air technology. Once connected to the Miniserver it can manage up to 128 wireless Loxone Air devices around your home.

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