New: Nano IO Air – the flush-mounted, wireless relay module that’s perfect for retrofitting!

8th May 2015 in Technology
You can use it to retrofit your house with lighting, blinds, switches and much more! With its two powerful 5A relays and six digital inputs, this flush-mounted unit is versatile and is a real must-have for anyone retrofitting their home.

Introducing: The Loxone Nano IO Air

2 powerful 5A relays

The Nano IO Air has two 5A relays, allowing you to seamlessly automate your lighting or blinds with minimal fuss!

6 Integrated Inputs For Switches and Sensors

The built-in 24V voltage output makes it possible to integrate buttons, existing switches, door contact sensors, water sensors as well as other digital sensors.

Save the Hassle of Cabling!

Don’t fancy a big renovation project? Thanks to Loxone Air, there’s no need to worry about the hassle of cables. Your Loxone Partner can easily install the Nano IO Air in your home without needing to open up any walls. It’s ideal if you want centralised lighting control without the fuss and expense of re-wiring.

Compact Design

The compact dimensions of the Nano IO Air (53 x 53 x 31 mm) are in keeping with standard sizes for flush-mounted relay modules.

Low Energy Consumption

The energy consumption of the Nano IO Air in standby mode is a mere 0.5W.

Certified & Tested for Your Safety

As you’d expect from all of our products, the Nano IO Air meets all safety standards and CE regulations. We’ve worked hard on the design to keep the Nano IO Air compact in size.

Loxone Touch and Nano IO Air: A Perfect Pair

The “Loxone Touch for Nano” is our add-on switch module, available for use with the Nano IO Air. It’s capacitive, five-point touch surface, click feedback, as well as sleek design make it the perfect companion for the Nano IO Air.

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