Window Handle Air


  • Latch: 4x 90° Ball Latch
  • Square Spindle: 7mm, length selectable 32-43mm
  • Cam Diameter: 10mm
  • Housing Dimensions: 144x36x27mm (HxWxD)
  • Mounting Screws: 3x M5 x 40/50/60
  • Power supply: 2x (1.5V) AA battery
  • Expected Battery Life: ~2 years
  • Frequency: 868MHz (SRD Band Europe), 915MHz (ISM Band Region 2)
  • Protection Class: IP20
  • Operating Temperature:: 0 – 50 ° C
  • Two-Colour Status LED

*subject to the environment, this could be more or less.


Remove the hood hood from the window handle. Adjust the length of the square pin on its window. Once the correct length has been set, fix the four-point pin with the screw on the griffin side. Fasten the window handle Air to the window frame using the screws provided.

Loxone Window Handle and Contact

Length of the square pin and the corresponding screw lengths:

Length of Square Spindle Screw Length
32 & 37 mm M5 40 & 50 mm
43 mm M5 50 & 60 mm

Icon Exclamation Mark LoxoneThe handle is not removable.

Suitable for every window, where a 7mm square spindle is required (length of the square spindle can be adjusted). The distance between the mounting screws is 43mm, thus according to DIN 18267.

Render of the Loxone Window Handle Air


To enable the Loxone window handle Air to be learned, it must first be set to the learning mode.

Initial commissioning:

When the battery is inserted for the first time, the learning mode will automatically start for 10 minutes.
The learning mode is terminated when:

  • The Loxone window handle Air successfully connected to the Miniserver
  • 10 minutes have elapsed

For detailed instructions in learning in Air devices please see here: 

The following inputs/outputs are available in Loxone Config:

  • Analogue input position (analogue value = 0 means handle offline)
    • 1 = closed
    • 2 = tilted
    • 3 = open
  • Digital input window closed
  • Digital input window tilted
  • Digital input alarm
    • The handle recognises the usual burglary scenarios, such as levering out and rising. Also a strong vibration of the disc or the frame leads to a trigger.


The handle complies with V ENV 1627 to V ENV 1630 so that it can be used throughout the EU.

The material of the handle is stainless steel and the cover is made of plastic (plastic due to the range of the Loxone Air technology).


To replace the battery open the hood of the window handle Air. There are 2 AA batteries which are easy to remove. After inserting the new batteries, the LED of the window handle Air flashes green 3 times.

>> General information about Loxone Air technology can be found here <<

Short guide of the window handle Air (pdf)

Window handle Air EC Declaration of Conformity (pdf)