Window Central

Central control for multiple windows.

Table of Contents


Abbreviation Summary Description Unit Value Range
Co Complete open Stopping not possible. - 0/1
Cc Complete close Stopping not possible. - 0/1
Tg Toggle Toggles between open, stop, close.
For single button control.
- 0/1
Pos Position of window Move windows to specified position. % 0...100
Po Partial open with push & hold - 0/1
Pc Partial close with push & hold - 0/1
Wp Weather protection Windows are closed and locked for further operation when on.
Control via user interface is still possible.
- 0/1
Off Off Pulse stops movement. On locks the block.
Dominating input.
The name of the connected sensor is used in the user interface.
- 0/1


Abbreviation Summary Description
AC API Connector Intelligent API based connector.
API Commands


Summary Description Default Value
Selection All selected window blocks can be controlled together. -