Wind Sensor


The Wind gauge block allows the pulses from a digital wind sensor to be converted to wind speed. The wind speed is of a digital anemometer in a wind speed can be converted. The block has several functions, allowing the average wind speed to be calculated, a maximum wind speed and also provides an alert (see the overview section for more details on outputs).


The digital wind sensor needs to be connected to the digital input of an Extension only and the maximum frequency is 150 Hz. The digital inputs for Miniservers and Dimmers will not work, as they cannot be used as frequency counters. In the properties for the input tick the box “Frequency counter”.

Wind Sensor Properties Panel


Connect the digital input for the wind sensor to AI on the block.

To adjust the conversion factor change parameter F. This information will be found on the data sheet of the sensor you are using. For example the wind sensor provides 1 pulse/[s] per km/h therefore the factor is 1 because 1 pulse/[s] = 1Hz = 1 km/h. This can vary from sensor to sensor however.

The average wind speed is displayed at the output AQ which you can connect a memory flag to or a virtual state for example to display this value on the UI. Q gives a storm warning if parameter W is exceeded, here a memory flag could be used to then open blinds, close shutters, call you etc.

Wind Gauge Loxone Config

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Converstion factor for this sensor is 1 because 1 pulse/[s] = 1Hz = 1 km/h


Icon Exclamation Mark LoxoneIf the sensor is connected to a digital input of the Multi Extensions Air, the wind speed will be transmitted once a minute. For that reason the conversion factor has to be divided by 60.
Thus, parameter F should have the value 0.0167 if the sensor from the Loxone Shop is used.





AI Analogue input frequency




AQ Analogue output for averaged wind speed
AQG Maximum wind speed (3 second average for gusts)
AQM Analogue output for maximum wind speed in the averaging period
Q Alert for high wind speed. This output is active if the alert threshold W is exceeded




T Averaging interval in minutes – usually 10 minutes
0 = Current value is provided
F Conversion coefficient Hz to km/h, m/s or other units as stated on the datasheet
W Alert threshold for wind speed