Wind Gauge

With the function block Wind Gauge, the frequency input from a wind speed sensor can be converted to a wind speed value
Please note that only inputs with frequency counter functionality can be used.
If the wind sensor is connected to a Digital Input of the Multi Extension Air, the wind speed is transmitted every minute. As a result, the value for calculation must be divided by 60!

Table of Contents


Abbreviation Summary Value Range
F Frequency


Abbreviation Summary Unit Value Range
Avg Average wind speed km/h 0...∞
G 3 second average for gusts km/h 0...∞
AvgMax Maximum wind speed in the averaging period km/h 0...∞
Wa Wind alarm - 0/1


Abbreviation Summary Description Unit Value Range Default Value
Avgt Averaging-time min 0...∞ 10
F Factor Conversion coefficient Hz to km/h resp. m/s or other units as stated on datasheet - 1
W Wind speed alarm km/h 1...∞ 50

Frequency Input

The wind sensor is connected to a digital input. The input must support frequency counter functionality, which needs to activated in the input's settings: