Tubular Motor SolidLine Air

This documentation page will guide you through the process required in order to get your GEIGER SOLIDline motor Air up and running. It does not cover programming the block, for more information on that please see the Automatic Blinds Integrated page.


Mounting instructions of the Geiger Solidline Air.

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The required motor torque can be calculated as follows:
Torque = 0.6 x blind weight

As an example:

Blinds weighing up to 16.5kg require 10Nm torque
Blinds weighing up to 33.0kg require 20Nm torque


In order to apply power to the motor, you will need to ensure that the D shaped plug is all the way into its socket. The back of the D shaped plug should not be flush with the actual receptor you put it into. The back of the plug will sit around 5 mm below the D shaped silver housing. There are no clips or buttons so there will not be any audible feedback until you supply power to the device. Once you supply power to the device it will click twice to signal that it is powered up.



Initial start-up:

When first applying the power, the Geiger SolidLine Air Motor will provide a double click movement. This is to ensure that the device has power. The motor will then automatically go into Learn Mode for 30 minutes.

Re-learning process:

Briefly, disconnect power supply: As with the initial Air commissioning, after power is restored, the Loxone Air Learn Mode will be started after 2 minutes if no connection to an Air Base can be established. The Learn Mode is then active for 10 min.

To search for air devices, highlight the Airbase in the periphery tree and press the “Air device search” button in the top ribbon. You can then drag the block from the periphery tree (dragging the motor itself) onto a page and you will get an Automatic Blinds Integrated block that will be used to control this specific blind motor.

To learn in your air devices please click here.

Icon Exclamation Mark Loxone For more information on how to utilize the GEIGER motor in Loxone Config, please see our documentation page on the Automatic Blinds Integrated.



Icon Exclamation Mark LoxoneAfter the motor has been connected and learned in, the end positions have to be set to ensure correct operation.


In order to set the endpoints, enter the app and locate where the blind controls are. On the top right of this screen, you will also see an icon that allows you to enter service mode for this block, this is on the control panel in the app for those blinds.

You will then get a brief warning which looks like so:

Once in service mode, the relearn shading button will allow you to set the lower endpoint of the blinds by driving the motor until your blinds are at their desired spot. You then save this position and the blinds will remember this for future use. Once you have done the lower limit, the motor will click twice then move onto a slightly different screen for setting the upper endpoint by doing the same process as before. 

Once you have saved both, the motor will click 4 times. Once you hear this, your motor has learned it’s upper and lower limits and has now been fully setup and is ready to go.


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Installation Guide for GEIGER SOLIDline Motor Air ( pdf )

Remote Air EG Declaration of Conformity (pdf)