Touch Pure Tree Gen. 1

Loxone Touch Pure Tree Diagram
*dimensions in mm

Icon Exclamation Mark LoxonePlease note temperature and humidity is sensed through the Touch Pure Tree’s closed housing which can mean a delay in sensing time. For the rapid detection of changes in the ambient humidity (eg. For ventilation control in the bathroom), we recommend a sensor with an open housing design as the Loxone Temperature & Humidity Sensor Air.


The Loxone Touch, Touch Pure and Motion sensor Tree are very slimline, as such we recommend using/specifying European style circular back-boxes for the best fitment and finish. An example of this can be seen below, click on the image to purchase them.



To commission the Touch Pure tree connect the 24V power (orange/Orange-white terminals) and the Tree terminals (Green/Green-white terminals). The device will flash orange when connected.

Loxone Touch Pure Tree Back

For instructions on how to work with Tree devices in Loxone Config please see here.


The touch points may be used in Loxone Config as digital inputs. Every touch point is a digital input.

For Press and Hold, you will need to set the ‘Receive Timeout’ properties of the Digital Input to 0.

Touch Pure Tree Touch Points


The T5 output combines all 5 of the digital outputs of the Touch Pure tree. This is designed to speed up the programming of the Loxone standard.
The following functions are supported here:

  • Automatic blinds: inputs Cu (touch point 1) and Cd (touch point 4)
  • Light Control: Scene + (touch point 3)
  • Music Server Zone: inputs V + (touch point 2) and V- (touch point 5)
  • Central block control (double/triple click of centre key)

Connect the T5 output to the T5 input of the desired blocks.
In order to program and user-defined functions, ensure check boxes for inputs are activate in properties.


Datasheets of the Touch Tree
Datasheets of the Touch Pure Tree
Datasheets of the Touch Pure Tree Gen. 1