Touch & Grill Control

This block enables you to integrate the functionality of the Touch & Grill Air into your Loxone system.
Core temperatures can be monitored, target temperatures can be determined and timers can be set.
Up to 2 function blocks can be created per device, e.g. for use in the kitchen and garden.
Only one of the function blocks can remote control the Touch & Grill Air at a time. The other is set to inactive.
A block can be activated via the (Afb) input. At the beginning, the first inserted block is active.
Any touches to the device's touch surface are directed to the active function block's T5 input.

Table of Contents


Abbreviation Summary Description Value Range
Ca Confirm alarm 0/1
Afb Activate function block Activates control of this function block by its associated Touch & Grill. 0/1
DisT Disable touch controls Serves as protection against unwanted touch- events, e.g. during cleaning or transport. 0/1
Off Off Pulse: Outputs are reset / switched off.
On: Block is locked.
Dominating input.
The name of the connected sensor is used in the user interface.


Abbreviation Summary Description Unit Value Range
Ay Alarm yellow sensor Active, when alarm is triggered by the yellow sensor. - 0/1
Ag Alarm green sensor Active, when alarm is triggered by the green sensor. - 0/1
At Alarm timer Active, when alarm is triggered at the end of the timer. - 0/1
ϑcy Current temperature yellow sensor ° -28...300
ϑcg Current temperature green sensor ° -28...300
ϑty Target temperature yellow sensor ° 10...300
ϑtg Target temperature green sensor ° 10...300
Rt Remaining time Remaining run time of a running timer. s 0...5999
Fb Function block state Output is active as long as this function block is controlled by its associated Touch & Grill. - 0/1
Atx Alarm Text Text of the last triggered alarm. - -
AC API Connector Intelligent API based connector.
API Commands
- -


Abbreviation Summary Description Unit Value Range Default Value
Dm Maximum alarm duration (s) After this time, all existing alarms are automatically acknowledged. s 1...∞ 3600
B Display-Brightness Display brightness of the associated Touch & Grill Air device. % 0...100 100


Summary Description Value Range Default Value
Number of Entries Maximum number of saved messages. 2...100 20
Assigned Touch & Grill Air Touch & Grill Air that is associated with this function block - -