Toilet Ventilation Controller

The Toilet Ventilation Controller works in "Sessions". A pulse at the input (Tg) will start or end the session.
Output (S) is switched on directly after being triggered. Output (Fan) switches on after the delay set in Parameter (Fsd).
If input (P) is used, the session starts with a rising edge at input (P) and ends the session at a falling edge, delayed by the duration set in parameter (FPet).

Table of Contents


Abbreviation Summary Description Value Range
Tg Toggle Start / end session. 0/1
P Presence Start session when 1. 0/1
Off Off Pulse: Outputs are reset / switched off.
On: Block is locked.
Dominating input.
DisPc Disable periphery control Disables all inputs when On. (e.g Child lock, cleaning)
Control via user interface is still possible.


Abbreviation Summary Description Value Range
S Session status On as long as the session is active. 0/1
Fan Fan Output for fan control. 0/1
AC API Connector Intelligent API based connector.
API Commands


Abbreviation Summary Description Unit Value Range Default Value
Rem Remanence input Remanence input: If active, the function block retains its previous state after a Miniserver reboot.
The state of the function block is saved:
– When saving to the Miniserver
– At a planned reboot
– Before a backup
– Once per hour
The data is saved on the SD card.
- 0/1 0
Fsd Fan start delay Delay before the fan is switched on after the session started. s 0...∞ 30
FPet Fan / Movement extend time 1. Time starts with the falling edge of output (S) and extends output (Fan) by set time.
2. When using input (P), time starts with the falling edge of input (P) and extends outputs (S) and (Fan) by set time.
s 0...∞ 180