Toilet Ventilation Controller


A pulse on input Tr starts the session and output Qa will be turned on immediately. The fan will automatically switch on after a set delay (Td parameter).

Another pulse on input Tr will turn off output Qa, but the fan will be kept on for the duration of the last session. The maximum duration can be set with parameter Tfm.

Alternatively, the rising edge on the Mv input will start a session, with the falling edge ending the session.

A pulse on input R  will cancel the session and so the fan will be turned off straight away.

Toilet Ventilation Controller



Tr Trigger input A single pulse starts the session. A second pulse stops the active session.
Mv Motion input Starts a session on the rising edge with a delay set by Td.
The session ends on the falling edge after the delay set by Tfm.
R Reset Sets all the outputs to off.
Dis Disable Child lock will lock all the inputs (but not the user interface).


Td Delay before fan starts [s] Time setting for how long the fan takes to come on after Tr has been triggered.
Tfm Maximum duration for the fan overrun [s] After the session has ended, the fan stays on for the duration of the last session. The maximum duration is Tfm.


Qa Digital output Digital output status session (1 = session active).
Qf Digital output Digital output for the fan.