Stereo Extension

The Stereo Extension adds an additional stereo speaker output to the Audioserver. The two channels can also be separated and used as 2 individual channels for different rooms or areas.

The Stereo Extension also features a digital SPDIF output.

Up to 10 Stereo Extensions can be connected to one Audioserver.

Datasheet Stereo Extension

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The Miniserver is installed on a DIN rail in a suitable enclosure.

100429 install

Connect the power supply (orange terminal) and Tree Turbo data lines (green/white terminals). The Stereo Extension will boot its operating system from the Audioserver after switching on the power supply. Thus the Audioserver must also be ready for operation. After about one minute the Extension is ready and will blink orange.

Then follow the pairing procedure.

Diagnostic Inputs

Online status Stereo ExtensionDigital
Amplifier LimitDigital
Temperature ShutdownIf the CPU temperature reaches a critical point, the outputs of the device are switched off. This can be due to short-circuits, overloaded switching loads or too high an ambient temperature.Digital


SummaryDescriptionValue RangeDefault Value
Serial numberSpecifies the serial number of the device.
For Extensions: 'Auto' may only be used if only one Extension of this type is being used.
Speaker TypeSpeaker type used in this zone to find the optimal sound settings.--
Maximum VolumeMaximum output power of the amplifier channel in percent.0...100100
GainVolume gain factor in percent.-20...200

Safety Instructions

The installation must be carried out by a qualified technician in accordance with all applicable regulations.

The installation requires a suitable enclosure to ensure protection against contact, water and dust.

The device must not be used as part of safety-critical systems.


Datasheet Stereo Extension