Stereo Extension

The Stereo Extension adds an additional stereo speaker output to the Audioserver. The two channels can also be separated and used as 2 individual channels for different rooms or areas.

The Stereo Extension also features a digital SPDIF output.

Up to 10 Stereo Extensions can be connected to one Audioserver.

Datasheet Stereo Extension



The Miniserver is installed on a DIN rail in a suitable enclosure.

Connect the power supply (orange terminal) and Tree Turbo data lines (green/white terminals). The Stereo Extension will boot its operating system from the Audioserver after switching on the power supply. Thus the Audioserver must also be ready for operation. After about one minute the Extension is ready and will blink orange.

Then follow the pairing procedure.

Separate Stereo Output

The option to split one stereo output of the Audioserver or of a Stereo Extension into two separate channels allows you to cover two different rooms or areas with one speaker each. The two outputs can be used independently on separate Audio Player blocks.

To separate the channels, first click on the output of the Stereo Extension in the Periphery tree, then click on the button Separate Stereo Output.
Now the two individual outputs are available in the Periphery tree.
In order to merge the two outputs into a stereo output again, click on the button Merge to Stereo Output. in the menu bar.

This way the outputs can be configured for any situation.

Note: If the outputs are separated, there can be slight crosstalk between the two channels.
This means that at a volume of 65% or higher, you may hear the audio signal on the adjacent channel, even if it is switched off.
For directly adjacent rooms, this effect is usually not noticeable, since at this volume the music from the adjacent room can also be heard through the walls.

The SPDIF Out option is not available for separated outputs.


The SPDIF Out (black jack socket) is a digital electrical SPDIF output. AV devices like amplifiers or active speakers can be connected to this output. Use a 3.5mm jack to RCA cable, the electrical SPDIF signal is output on the left (white) RCA plug. Connect this plug to a digital coaxial audio input.

Use high-quality shielded cables and run them separately from other cables.

The SPDIF Out can be activated in the properties of the respective output:

When SPDIF Out is selected for an output, the speaker outputs are disabled and the signal is output at the SPDIF Out instead. The output volume is variable and corresponds to the volume that is currently set on the Audio Player.

The SPDIF Out option is not available for separated outputs.

Status LEDs Description

Left LED:

Orange flashing: Extension has started, but has not yet been paired with the Audioserver, or can no longer reach it.

Green flashing: Everything OK, device is online.

Quick red/green flashing: Device was selected in Loxone Config and is identifying.

Not flashing: Check power supply and Tree Turbo connection.

Continuous green/orange: Extension tries to start from the Audioserver, but cannot reach it. Check Tree Turbo connection and Audioserver.

Right LED:

Permanent green: Device is ready to play audio via AirPlay.


Kurzbeschreibung Beschreibung Einheit
Online Status Stereo Extension Digital
Verstärker-Drosselung Digital
Temperature Shutdown If the CPU temperature reaches a critical point, the outputs of the device are switched off. This can be due to short-circuits, overloaded switching loads or too high an ambient temperature. Digital


Kurzbeschreibung Beschreibung Standardwert
Seriennummer Gibt die Seriennummer des Geräts an.
Für Extensions: 'Auto' darf nur verwendet werden, wenn nur eine Extension dieses Typs vorhanden ist.
Onlinestatus überwachen Wenn angehakt, werden Sie über den Systemstatus oder über den Cloud Mailer benachrichtigt, wenn das Gerät nicht mehr erreichbar bzw. offline ist. -
Lautsprechertyp Verwendeter Lautsprechertyp für diese Zone um die optimalen Klang-Einstellungen finden. -
Maximallautstärke Bestimmt die maximale (physikalische) Ausgangsleistung des Verstärkers in Prozent, und beschränkt damit die maximal mögliche Lautstärke für diesen Ausgang. Die Lautstärkewerte von 0-100% des Audio Players bzw. der App werden entsprechend skaliert. 100
Verstärkungs-Faktor Erhöht oder verringert die Lautstärke dieses Ausgangs in Prozent. Dient zum Anpassen der Lautstärke von Ausgängen, die mit verschiedenen Lautsprechern oder in verschiedenen Umgebungen zum Einsatz kommen. Damit kann erreicht werden, dass trotz unterschiedlicher Situationen, die gleiche Lautstärke wahrnehmbar ist. Wird mit der eingestellten Maximallautstärke skaliert und begrenzt. 0


The installation must be carried out by a qualified technician in accordance with all applicable regulations.

The installation requires a suitable enclosure to ensure protection against contact, water and dust.

The device must not be used as part of safety-critical systems.


Datasheet Stereo Extension