The analogue value at the output AQ is incremented or decremented according to pulses on the trigger Tr. The direction in which the AQ value changes can be set with parameter Dir. By default the stepper increments. The size of each step is set with parameter SI and the maximum value for AQ is set with parameter M.

A pulse on the input R will reset AQ back to 0.



TrTriggerWith each pulse AQ is increased or decreased by a step, depending on the parameter settings.
RResetSets the output Q to 0.


DirDirectionIf Dir = 0 then the output counts upwards, if Dir = 1 then the output counts downwards.
SIStep sizeDetermines by how much the output AQ is changed with each pulse on Tr.
MMaximum valueSets how high the output AQ is allowed to go.


AQAnalogue outputThe current value is output here, and changes with each pulse on input Tr.