With the stepper, an analog value can be increased or decreased by a defined step size with each pulse on the Step.

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Abbreviation Summary Description Value Range
S Step 0/1
Off Off Pulse: Outputs are reset / switched off.
On: Block is locked.
Dominating input.


Abbreviation Summary Value Range
V Set value


Abbreviation Summary Description Value Range Default Value
Rem Remanence input Remanence input: If active, the function block retains its previous state after a Miniserver reboot.
The state of the function block is saved:
– When saving to the Miniserver
– At a planned reboot
– Before a backup
– Once per hour
The data is saved on the SD card.
0/1 0
Dir Direction 0 = up, 1 = down 0/1 0
Sts Step size 1
M Maximum Maximum of output (V) 10

Timing Diagram