Pairing devices
Re-Pairing process
Air Search
Replace device


Every Air device must be connected to an Airbase. The Airbase is the central access point for Air devices, all the information they need comes from it, all the information they provide goes to it. It is crucial that your Airbase is in a suitable location for wireless transmission. Furthermore, upon first powering up an Air device, it will go into pairing mode (denoted by an LED on the device cycling through 3 colours).


Once an Air device is in pairing mode, it can be found by conducting an Air device search. If an Air device is flashing orange, this means that it has been paired before, but can now not find the Airbase it was paired with.


Air devices can be put back into pairing mode even after they have been paired. The process for how to do this varies depending on how the item is powered and whether or not it has a pair switch or not.

BATTERY OPERATED WITH PAIRING BUTTON After reinserting the battery, press and hold a pairing button (usually on the back of the device, a small tab button is what it looks like) for at least 5 seconds until the LED starts cycling through the colours. Please note that you must press and hold this button with 10 seconds of restoring power via battery. Examples of devices that use this process are the Touch Air, Motion sensor Air, and Temperature and Humidity sensor Air.

POWERED DEVICE WITH PAIRING BUTTON Simply hold down the pair button for at least 5 seconds until the LED starts cycling through the colours. Examples of these devices are the Multi-Extension Air and the Nano IO.

POWERED DEVICE WITHOUT PAIRING BUTTON Power down the device for 10 seconds and then restore power to the device. If the device cannot find the previous Airbase it was connected to, then the LED for the device will flash orange. After 2 minutes of not being able to find its old Airbase, it will enter pairing mode for 30 minutes. Examples of these devices are the Geiger SOLIDline Air, Shading Actuator Air and the RGBW Dimmer Air.


Once devices have been put into pairing mode, you need to conduct and Air device search in order to pair them with the Airbase. In order to do so you need to select the Airbase in the periphery and then click on “Air Device Search” when it appears in the top ribbon.

This will then open an Air Device Management dialog. From here you can see the currently detected devices on the left hand side and the manually added devices/ already paired devices on the right hand side.

In order to add a new device, simply select it on the left hand side of the dialog and then press ‘Add Device.’

To pair a real device with its placeholder in the configuration, select the device on the left hand side and select its counterpart on the right hand side. You can now select ‘Pair Device’.


You can easily replace a device within Loxone config without having to go through and reconnect everything.

In order to do this, find the device in the search and instead of hitting “Add Device” you can select an item of the same type from a drop-down box and pair it.