This program block allows you to cycle through up to 8 outputs


Each pulse at the input Tr causes the next output on the sequencer to be activated, so basically the outputs Q1 to Q8 are turned on and off sequentially. The output AQ outputs which of the outputs are currently active. For example if the sequencer had selected Q4 the value of AQ would be 4.

You don’t need to use all of the outputs, so if you only wanted to cycle between 3 outputs you would set the parameter M to 3.

The input P allows you to input an analogue value to choose a specific output. So if a virtual input in analogue mode was connected to P and set to 5, Q5 would be activated and AQ would be 5. In a similar way if R is activated then whatever value parameter D is set to will trigger that output. So if D was set to 2 then when a pulse at R was received Q2 would be on and AQ would be set to 2. If D is set to 0 then no outputs are active.

Finally if Dis is triggered then the inputs and outputs are locked and will remain on whichever value they were set at before the trigger of Dis.

Icon Exclamation Mark LoxoneExample use:
Switching between different AV virtual outputs like Sonos play/next step, selecting different scenes, logic operations etc.