Selection Switch (+)

In versions prior to 9.0.x.x the Selection Switch + was known as the Push-Button +, the functionality remains the same.



An analogue value can be incrementally increased by pushbutton pressure by means of the program module selection key.


With each pulse into the input +, the value at output AQ is increased by the value SI until the value of Max has been reached and then starts again at value Min.
If the input + held down and selected for longer, during this constant signal, several increases are performed at output AQ depending on the set repetition rate (parameter Rr).

The value range at output AQ can be defined by the two parameters Min (minimum value) and Max (maximum value).

The value at output AQ can be set directly via input P. For example, if the value 5 is applied to the input P, the value 5 is sent through to output AQ.

By a pulse from input R, output AQ is set to the default value (parameter D).

If input Dis is activated, the inputs are disabled. However, the block can still be operated via the user interface.


+Trigger pulseWith each pulse arriving at this input, AQ is increased by the value SI.
PPSets the output to a certain value.
RResetSet to pulse AQ to D.
DisDisable Locks all inputs (child protection), can still be operated via the user interface.


AQCurrent counter reading Incremented by SI with each pulse to the input (+).


RetentionRemanenceActivates the remanence of this building block.
MinMinimum valueSets the minimum value for AQ.
MaxMaximum valueSets the maximum value for AQ.
SIIncrementValue by which the output AQ should be increased to (+) at pulse.
RrRepetitionDefines the interval at which AQ is increased by SI as long as (+) is active.
D Value to which the output is to be set at reset (R).