Selection Switch +/-

In versions prior to 9.x.x.x the Selection Switch +/- was known as the Push-Button +/-, the functionality remains the same.

Using the function block Selection Switch +/- an analogue value can be gradually increased using the user interface or physical switches.


Input + increases the analogue value at output AQ by the step size which is set by the parameter SI between the Min and Max analogue range. If you go over the Max value it loops back to the Min value.

A long press at the input + will increase the output faster by repeating the adjustment by the step size over and over until the press is released.

The input P allows the value at AQ to be set directly. If for example, P has a value of 5 then the output AQ will be value 5.

A pulse at input R will reset the output AQ to the default value which is set by the parameter D. If the Dis input is on then the inputs of the block will be disabled.

This block can also be controlled with the UI.