Sauna Controller


The Sauna Controller block allows you to control and monitor your sauna. All conventional heaters are compatible (switched heaters and heaters that accept a 0-10V control signal).

The function block has a timer function, fan and drying control, as well as a safety shut down in case you forget to switch off the heater. You can also use door contacts with the sauna to alert you if the door has been left open and is wasting heat and energy!

The function block can also be used in the user interface, for control whilst on the move! It is important that when using this block that you observe the safety regulations of your country.

Icon Exclamation Mark LoxoneMake sure to select appropriate sensors for the heat in the sauna!
See here our sauna temperature sensor in the webshop.
An over temperature manual cutoff thermostat must also be installed!


Connect the temperature sensor for the sauna to the input AI.

The outputs are for the various types of heaters, AQ for 0-10V analogue, Q1, Q2 and Q3 for stage L1, L2 and L3 heaters. If the heater is a single phase using Q1 we need to set the parameter M to 1.

Then connect the fan to the output Qf.


TrTrigger sauna
TAnalogue input for desired target temperature
AIAnalogue temperature for actual temperature
TfTrigger fan
TcStarts the hourglass timer
DDoor position sensor
AbBench temperature
PInput for presence detector
AQAnalogue output0-10V control
Q1Digital outputFor turning Phase 1 (L1) on/off
Q2Digital outputFor turning Phase 2 (L2) on/off
Q3Digital outputFor turning Phase 3 (L3) on/off
QaStatus outputFor whether the sauna is active or not
QfDigital output for fan control
AQtRemaining time for hourglass timer[s]
QdDigital output status for airing phase
QeError status
AQsStatus output for target temperature
QtePulse when timer countdown finishesPulses when actual temperature is higher than desired temperature, see parameter Ts
QtaDigital outputGives the timer’s status (on/off)
TcTemperature correctionAdjustment for the actual temperature in the seating position (use if no bench sensor present)
TdAiring time
TnFan duration after airing time finished
TtDuration of hourglass timer
ToMaximum allowed temperature before a safety shutdown
TsTime before a safety shutdown occurs
PPWM period[s]
MType of AC input usedOff = Three-phase
On = Single-phase