Sauna Controller with Evaporator


The Sauna controller with evaporator block allows you to control and monitor your sauna. All conventional heaters are compatible (switched heaters and heaters that accept a 0-10V control signal). The evaporator can be switched on and off but can also be controlled with an analogue 0-10V signal.

The function block has a timer function, fan and drying control, as well as a safety shut down in case you forget to switch off the heater. You can also use door contacts with the sauna to alert you if the door has been left open and is wasting heat and energy!

You can choose between different operating modes such as steam sauna, Finnish sauna, herbal sauna etc.

The function block can also be used in the user interface, for control whilst on the move! It is important that when using this block that you observe the safety regulations of your country.

Icon Exclamation Mark LoxoneMake sure to select appropriate sensors for the heat in the sauna!
See here our sauna temperature sensor in the webshop.
An over temperature manual cutoff thermostat must also be installed!


Connect the temperature sensor for the sauna to the input AI, and then connect the humidity sensor to AIh.

The outputs are for the various types of heaters, AQ for 0-10V analogue, Q1, Q2 and Q3 for stage L1, L2 and L3 heaters. If the heater is a single phase using Q1 we need to set the parameter M to 1.

Where you connect the evaporator to depends on the control type. If it is 0-10V analogue then connect to AQv, if it is digital on/off then connect to Qv.

Finally connect the fan to the output Qf.

Sauna Controller With Evaporator

You can now control the block in the user interface. The sauna on/off function (Tr input) can also be done through a switch on the wall, for example outside the sauna itself.

When the block is in a manual mode the target values for temperature (input T) and humidity (input H) are used.

If the evaporator has a water shortage sensor this can be connected to the input LW so an alert can be triggered. Also if the input LW is triggered and has a value of 1 (digital input) the evaporator will no longer turn on.



AIm Analogue input for mode 0 = Off
1 = Manual Finnish sauna
2 = Manual humidity sauna
3 = Automatic Finnish sauna
4 = Automatic herbal sauna
5 = Automatic hot bath sauna
6 = Automatic steam sauna
IFm Digital input Manual Finnish sauna
IHm Digital input Manual humidity sauna
IF Digital input Automatic Finnish sauna
IH1 Digital input Automatic herbal sauna
IH2 Digital input Automatic hot bath sauna
IH3 Digital input Automatic steam sauna
Tr Trigger digital input Turns the sauna on or off
T Analogue input for desired target temperature in manual mode Set either with a virtual input connector or a timer switch
AI Analogue input For actual temperature, connect the sauna sensor to this
H Analogue input for desired target humidity in manual mode Set either with a virtual input connector or a timer switch
AIh Analogue input For actual humidity, connect the sauna humidity sensor to this
Tf Trigger digital input for the fan Turns the fan on and off, output Qf
Tc Starts the hourglass timer The output AQt shows the time counting down and Qta gives the timer’s status, can set the time with parameter T, Qte pulses when the timer is finished
D Digital input Connect the door position sensor to this (only shows the door state in the visualisation)
Ab Analogue input For the bench temperature sensor
P Digital input Used for presence detector
LW Digital input Gives the status of water shortage
R Reset Sets all the outputs to off
Dis Disable Disables all the inputs and is useful for childlock function


AQ Analogue output 0-10V control
Q1 Digital output For turning Phase 1 (L1) on/off
Q2 Digital output For turning Phase 2 (L2) on/off
Q3 Digital output For turning Phase 3 (L3) on/off
AQv Analogue output For controlling the evaporator with 0-10V
Qv Digital output For controlling the evaporator digitally
Qa Status output for whether the sauna is active or not On when the sauna is active
Qf Digital output for fan control Switched on by input Tf
AQt Remaining time for hourglass timer Time is in seconds [s]
Qd Digital output status for airing phase On when the airing phase is active
AQm Current operating mode 0 = Off
1 = Manual Finnish sauna
2 = Manual humidity sauna
3 = Automatic Finnish sauna
4 = Automatic herbal sauna
5 = Automatic hot bath sauna
6 = Automatic steam sauna
Qe Error status Pulses when actual temperature is higher than desired temperature, see parameter Ts
AQs Status output for target temperature Displays the current target temperature
AQh Status output for target humidity Displays the current target humidity
Qte Status output for end of timer Pulse when timer countdown finishes
Qta Digital output Gives the timer’s status (on/off)


Tc Temperature correction Adjustment for the actual temperature in the seating position (use if no bench sensor present)
Td Airing temperature Temperature required for the airing period
Tn Fan duration after airing time finished Running time of the fan required to achieve Td
Tt Duration of hourglass timer This begins with each new pulse on input Tc. The remaining time is displayed on AQt output
To Maximum allowed temperature before a safety shutdown If temperature exceeds this then the error is displayed on output Qe
Ts Time before a safety shutdown occurs After this time the sauna is turned off automatically
P PWM period Pulse width modulation period in seconds [s]
V Gain Gain in case of deviation
M Type of AC input used 0 = Three-phase
1 = Single-phase
2 = 2 phase during condensation, 3 when used without condensor