RGBW 24V Dimmer Air

Instructions to help you get your RGBW 24V Dimmer Air installed and configured.


The RGBW Dimmer Air is the wireless equivalent of the RGBW Dimmer DMX. It works directly with your Air Base Extension (no DMX Extension needed) so you can control LED strips all over your house without needing to run cables! It is designed to be placed in the central location with all the other Loxone equipment as the dimmer has a DIN rail mount. This page will show you how to wire up the dimmer and how to add it in to Loxone Config so it communicates with the Air Base.


  • Power requirements: 24VDC
  • Power consumption
    • 100W @ 12VDC
    • 200W @ 24VDC
  • Dimming 1…100%
  • PWM signal: 123Hz
  • Outputs can be bridged
  • Power consumption: < 150mW
  • Maximum total power loss: 2.7W
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 55°C
  • Max. cable length from dimmer to LED strip: 30m


The Status LEDs flash orange at first. After the Dimmer has been learnt the LEDs blink green to confirm this was successful and then both the LEDs are off permanently.


The diagram below shows how you wire up the RGBW Dimmer Air to your LED strip. You can place the RGBW Dimmer Air’s in a central location, but remember the maximum distance from the dimmer to the strip is 30m so you can place the dimmer near the strip too.

The cable should be 5 core, and should be sized correctly according to the length of tape (therefore the power consumption of the tape) and the distance away from the Dimmer. It is important to consider that the higher the voltage drop is this will affect the LED brightness.

RGBW Dimmer Air Wiring

If you have selected PWM in the device properties using the ‘Dimmer individual channels’, then the channel assignments are as follows:

Red     -> Dimmer 1

Green  -> Dimmer 2

Blue    -> Dimmer 3

White  -> Dimmer 4

The voltage drop can be calculated using the following formula:

ΔU = I · R = I · ((2 · L · ρ) / A)

I … Current [A]
L … Cable Length [m]
A … Cable Cross-Section [mm²]
ΔU … Voltage Drop [V]
ρ … Material Specific Resistance [( Ω*mm²)/m]

ρ= 0.0172 (for Copper)


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