RGB Mood Controller


This module allows the creation of different light moods which can individually red, green, blue as well as a combination of all three colours.

Basic programming

The moods can be switched by using the “+” input, whereby the colour can either be split into RGB or combined at output of AQa.


By double-clicking on the block, the light moods can be defined and edited.



NameDescriptionDescriptionRange of Values
AIAnalog input RGB% Value Red +% Value Green * 1000 +% Value Blue * 10000000/100100100
+Selection Input Light Mood – NextActive light mood (0-X)0/1
Selection Input Light Mood – PreviousActive light mood (0-X)0/1
AsSelect input light mood (0-X)Analogue selection of a light mood0-X
DisDisableChild protection – blocks all inputs on the block, but not the visualization0/1
RResetSets all outputs to 00/1
OBe aloneMood “All On” is started -> switches all outputs to maximum0/1


NameDescriptionDescriptionRange of Values
AqrAnalog output for red LEDsOutputs the dimming value for the red LED0/1
AqgAnalog output for green LEDsIndicates the dimming value for the green LED-1-9
AqbAnalog output for blue LEDsIndicates the dimming value for the blue LED0/100
AQsMood selectionOutputs the currently selected mood as an analog value0 / X
AQaAnalog output RGB% Value Red +% Value Green * 1000 +% Value Blue * 10000000/100100100