RGB Lighting Controller

RGB lighting controller with one- or two-button control. The scenes can be cycled through with the "+" input.
At the outputs AQr, AQg, and AQb, the colors are then split into RGB, or output together at the output AQa.
By double-clicking on the block, the light scenes can be defined and edited.

Table of Contents


Abbreviation Summary Description Value Range
AI Analogue input RGB
%-value red + %-value green * 1000 + %-value blue * 1000000
+ Trigger next scene Next RGB lighting scene 0/1
- Trigger previous scene Previous RGB lighting scene 0/1
AIs Scene Input for selecting RGB lighting scene(0-x)
Dis Disable Disables all inputs (child lock) 0/1
R Reset Resets the lighting scene
The name of the connected sensor is used in the user interface.
O On All ON
Sets all outputs to maximum (white)


Abbreviation Description Value Range
AQr Analogue output for the red LED
AQg Analogue output for the green LED
AQb Analogue output for the blue LED
AQs Analogue Output - Value indicating currently active scene
AQa Analog output RGB
%-value red + %-value green * 1000 + %-value blue * 1000000


Abbreviation Summary Description Value Range Default Value
Rem Remanence input Remanence input: If active, the function block retains its previous state after a Miniserver reboot.
The state of the function block is saved:
– When saving to the Miniserver
– At a planned reboot
– Before a backup
– Once per hour
The data is saved on the SD card.
0/1 0


Summary Description Default Value
Lighting scenes Lighting scene management -