Retractive Switch


The Retractive Switch function block can be used to generate pulses via the visualization (user interface) and via logic.


A pulse at the output (Q) can be generated via the button in the visualization or via a preceding logic. The duration of the pulse is determined by parameter T, pressing the button in the user interface or having another trigger input (Tr) will reset the timer.

When a reset signal (R input) is used, the output is switched off immediately. A continuous signal on R has priority over Tr.

If a signal input is in the input Dis, the other inputs Tr and R are ignored. However, the button in the visualization.


Input Designation Description
Tr Trigger Button input Sets the output to ON and starts the timer
R Reset Resets the output (Q).
Dis Disable  Locks all inputs. The module can still be operated via the visualization.


Output Designation Description
Q Digital output Digital output is activated when the button is pressed and  deactivated when the time T has elapsed


Parameter Designation Description
T Time   Duration of the output pulse