Ramp Controller

With the ramp controller function block you can control a ramp between two set levels


This block implements a gradual approximation to the target values. Input S chooses between two target values which are set with the parameters. When S is zero the output AQ is set to L1 and when S is one the output is set to L2.

The value at the output is adjusted every 100ms by whatever the step size parameter SR is set to until the target L1 or L2 is reached, hence you can adjust how gradually the ramp moves.

If input St = 1, AQ will output the value of parameter SV. If the DisP input is set to one then the output AQ will be set to zero.


DisP Disable input Locks the inputs of the block and sets AQ to 0
S Step selection 0 = Step 1 (parameter L1)
1 = Step 2 (parameter L2)
St Start input Sets AQ to value set by parameter SV
SV Start value Default value of the ramp control (controlled by input St)
SR Step size AQ changes every 100ms by value of SR until the target is reached. The minimum allowed value of SR is 0.001.
L1 Level 1 Value for step 1
L2 Level 2 Value for step 2
AQ Analogue output Output value