QR Codes


With the help of QR codes you can quickly execute commands with your smartphone, or automatically navigate to a specific point in the Loxone Smart Home App. The learning of the commands is simple in the Loxone app on your smartphone. Subsequently, the resulting QR codes can be, for example, sent and printed out via email. The functions can then be executed with any smartphone, where the mini server is included in the app.

Since the Loxone App does not have its own integrated QR-Reader, we recommend the following:

Android: QR & Barcode Scanner

iOS: QR Scanner


The QR codes are created using your smartphone. Please start the Loxone Smart Home App.

Connect to your Miniserver and then navigate to the settings for QR Code Generator.

Here you can decide what you want to connect to the QR code:

App position: when the code is scanned, they will automatically be navigated to a specific location in the app
Command: when the code is scanned, (activate eg scene 1) an action triggered
Miniserver: when the code is scanned, a connection is established to the Miniserver

Now perform the switching operation, or navigate to the desired location in the app. After you fill out your steps, click, as shown in the screenshot, the small button on the bottom right to save the actions.

You have now learned the desired function, you can save the QR code, or even send it via mail and print the code.

In order to perform an action, you must scan the printed QR code with your smartphone.