NFC Smart Tags


By using the Loxone NFC stickers, you can quickly use your NFC-enabled Android smartphone to run commands, or automatically navigate to a specific section in the Loxone Smart Home App. The teaching of NFC tags is done with your Android phone directly within the Loxone app. The functions can then be run with any smartphone, where the Miniserver is included in the app.

You can also ‘Write Protect’ an NFC sticker. By doing this, the tag/sticker cannot be rewritten, the stored action remains forever locked.

The NFC feature is only supported by the Android app. For iOS, you can alternatively use the QR Code function.

Icon Exclamation Mark LoxoneNote that the NFC sticker must only be affixed to non-metallic surfaces.



  • The NFC Smart Tags should not be:
    • mounted in direct sunlight.
    • exposed to water in any way.
  • Keep the tags away from magnets or power sources (e.g. Power Supplies).
  • Blocking of an NFC Smart Tag is possible.
  • When using the smart tags on NFC-enabled smartphones, if the NFC Smart Tag cannot be detected or the function changed. It is most likely the case that the smart tags are not placed directly on the antenna of the smartphone.
  • When using the smart tags on purses or wallets, ensure that the NFC Smart Tag is placed a little distance away from the NFC enabled credit cards to ensure good communication without interference.


Please note that the NFC smart tags should not be attached to metal surfaces, due to the risk of a short circuit.

Chipset: NXP NTAG 216
Range: 1-30mm
Features: 7-byte serial number, read / write, write protection, rewritable
Material: Sticker – PVC
Frequency: HF 13.56MHz
Safety Standards: ISO 14 443-2 , ISO 14 443-3 A, NFC-Forum Type 2
Storage capacity: 888 Byte (NDEF: 868 Byte)
Shape: Round
Diameter: 30mm
Adhesive tape on back



The NFC commands are learnt in using the Loxone Smart Home App. Make sure make sure you have enabled NFC on your device.

To get the Miniserver settings page, please click the location icon in the top left of the app. Once you have pressed it, you will be greeted with the following screen:

From that page go to the settings cog and then you will see the full setting page. Enter the NFC tag section here.

Connect to your Miniserver and go to the settings tab to find ‘NFC Smart Tag’ section.

Here you can decide what you want to do with the NFC sticker:

  • App Position: When touched the sticker you are automatically taken to a specific point in the Loxone Smart Home App
  • Command: When touched, this activates a specific function (activate e.g scene 1, arm the alarm, all lights off)
  • Mini Server: When touched a connection is established to the Miniserver, credentials of a Miniserver is saved onto the sticker

Saving a command to a sticker is simple. After selecting this option, go to the action in your application you want to achieve (e.g arm alarm)

After the command has been created, a prompt will come up asking you to touch the NFC tag/sticker on the back of the device.

A message will appear showing this has been completed.

In order to perform an action, you need hold the smartphone to the NFC tag.

Icon Exclamation Mark LoxoneThe screen must be unlocked when you run the commands. You can use the Smart-lock function, information on this can be found here.