Nano Relay Air

The Loxone Nano Relay Air features a latching relay output, for installation in an electrical switch/outlet box. The Touch for Nano is an optional plug-on keypad.

It is controlled via the Loxone Air wireless technology.

Datasheet Nano Relay Air

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Install the device in a suitable installation box. Connect the device according to the following wiring diagram:

The power is supplied by mains voltage, the integrated relay can directly switch mains voltage loads.

The status LED, the pairing button and the connector for the optional Touch for Nano plug-on module are located on the front:


In delivery state, pairing mode will be active after the power supply has been established. This is indicated by the status LED flashing red/green/orange.

Then follow the pairing procedure on the Air Interface.

To activate the pairing mode manually, hold down the pairing button for at least 5 seconds after establishing power supply.

Touch for Nano

The optional plug-on module Touch for Nano features five touch points to control the most important functions of a room. When a button is touched, an audible click confirms the action.

The plug-on module snaps onto the Nano Relay Air. The assembly is then mounted to the switch/outlet box with the supplied screws.

When using the Touch for Nano plug-on module, it must activated in the properties of the Nano Relay Air in Loxone Config. The combined button input T5 will then be available in the peripheral tree.

The Touch for Nano's large centre touch zone is ideal for controlling the lighting, while the corner zones are suitable for controlling music and shading. It is based on the Loxone switch standard. The buttons can also be freely used for other applications. To use the individual buttons as inputs, activate the checkboxes in the Properties window. The audible confirmation can also be disabled here.


Summary Value Range


Summary Unit Value Range
Nano Relay Air Digital 0/1

Diagnostic Inputs

Summary Description Unit Value Range
Online Status Nano Relay Air Indicates whether the device can be reached by the Miniserver.
Diagnostics for Air devices
Diagnostics for Tree devices
Diagnostics for Extensions
Digital 0/1
System temperature Provides the internal device temperature.
This is often the temperature of the CPU or another location in the device.
Temperature Shutdown If the CPU temperature reaches a critical point, the outputs of the device are switched off. This can be due to short-circuits, overloaded switching loads or too high an ambient temperature. Digital 0/1


Summary Description Default Value
Monitor Online Status When selected, you will be notified via System Status or the Mailer if the device is no longer available or goes offline. -
Disable Repeater functionality Disable repeater functionality of this Air device.

Loxone Air is based on mesh technology. Any air device connected to the power supply can repeat packets from other Air devices, thus extending the range and stability of the overall system.
In large systems with a large number of air devices in a confined space, the communication between the air devices can lead to a very high radio channel utilization. A reliable accessibility of the air devices can not be guaranteed. Disabling repeater functionality on individual Air devices can help.

Do not disable this function recklessly as this may affect the range and stability of the system.
Serial Number Serial number of Air device -
Device type Air device type -
Expansion module Expansion module for Nano IO Air -
Button Behaviour Specifies the behaviour when a button is pushed.
Pulse: Sends a pulse on rising edge
OnOff: Sends ON on rising edge and OFF on falling edge, used for long click

Safety Instructions

The installation must be carried out by a qualified technician in accordance with all applicable regulations.

The installation requires a suitable enclosure to ensure protection against contact, water and dust.

The device must not be used as part of safety-critical systems.


Datasheet Nano Relay Air

Datasheet Relay

Datasheet Touch for Nano