Nano 2 Relay Tree

Quick Start Guide

Technical Data

A datasheet for the Nano 2 Relay Tree can be found here.

Power supply

Nano 2 Relay Tree
The power supply is connected to the orange-white terminal. Connect the Tree connection to the green-white terminal.


Detailed instructions on how to commission a Tree device can be found here.

Loxone Config


Name Description Type Range
Online status Shows if the device is online or offline. This input is hidden by default and can be displayed via the properties of the device (“Show diagnostic inputs”). Digital 0/1
CPU Temperature Displays the current CPU temperature of the Nano 2 Relay Tree. Analogue
Temperature switch off If the CPU temperature reaches a critical point, the outputs of the device are switched off. This can be due to short-circuits, too high switched loads or too high an ambient temperature. Digital 0/1
Current flowing If the current flow is greater than the defined threshold, the input is activated. Digital 0/1


Name Description Type Range
Specifies the purpose of the actuator.
Universal actuator: Freely usable outputs
Shading actuator: Link to an automatic blind block
Drop down selection box
Automatic travel times Automatically learn travel times for complete movement of the blinds (for use with shading actuator). This is not possible for motors with insufficient power (less than 50W). In this case, this option should be deactivated and the travel times entered manually for Tu and Td in the automatic blinds block Digital 0/1
Reverse outputs Reverse direction of rotation if up/down has been inverted (Up connected to down, down connected to up). Digital 0/1
Threshold for current detection (mA) If current greater than the specified threshold is measured, the ‘Current flow’ input is activated. The current from relay 1 and relay 2 is added. This property is only available when “Shading Actuator” is selected as the purpose. Analogue 100 … 5000


Name Description Type Range
Up Digital Output Q1 Digital 0/1
Down Digital Output Q2 Digital 0/1


After the Nano 2 Relay Tree has been inserted into the peripherals, run Auto Configuration. A new automatic blinds block is inserted automatically and the device is assigned. If the Nano 2 Relay Tree is used as a universal actuator, the two outputs can be configured as required.


  • CE Declaration of conformity
  • Commissioning Instructions
  • Quick start guide
  • Datasheet

All of the above can be downloaded from here.