Multiple function push-button with up to four functions, pulse after click The multi-click program block determines whether a button has been pressed once, twice, three or four times. So you can, for example, create a function where a triple-click performs a different function to a double-click. Activating Remanence (Battery symbol) will restore the previous state in case of a power outage.


Table of Contents


AbbreviationSummaryDescriptionUnitValue Range
TrTriggerTrigger A click is determined by the rising edge of the trigger pulse.Digital0/1


AbbreviationDescriptionUnitValue Range
Q1Digital output with single click (delayed by M)Digital0/1
Q2Digital output with double click (delayed by M)Digital0/1
Q3Digital output with triple click (delayed by M)Digital0/1
Q4Digital output with quadruple click (delayed by M)Digital0/1
AQAnalogue Output Returns the analogue value for the particular click combination that was executed (parameter V1 - V4)-


AbbreviationSummaryDescriptionUnitValue Range
Remanence inputRemanence Input: If active, the block resumes its last state after a Miniserver restart.Digital0/1
MMax time between pulsesMaximum time between 2 pulses Specifies how much time must elapse between 2 pulses for them not be counted as a multi click but separate.s0...∞
TDuration Output PulseDuration of Output Pulse. 0 = Until Tr Releaseds0...∞
V1Value 1Input parameter - value for (AQ) on single click-
V2Value 2Input parameter - value for (AQ) on double click-
V3Value 3Input parameter - value for (AQ) on triple click output-
V4Value 4Input parameter - value for (AQ) on quadruple click output-