Motion Sensor Air

How to setup your Motion Sensor Air


  • Power supply: 2x AA batteries or external power supply via 12V-24V DC
  • Power consumption: Battery. about ~ 150μW, 24V DC: ~ 85mW
  • Frequency: 868 MHz (SRD band Europe), 915MHz (ISM Band Region 2)
  • Protection: IP20
  • Motion Sensor
  • Brightness Sensor (0-188000 lux)
  • A status LED (two colors)
  • Field of view: 360 °
  • Detection range: 8m at an installation height of 3 m
  • Expected battery life in normal operation: 2 years
  • Operating temperature: 0 … 55 ° C


To add a Motion Sensor Air to your configuration, you first need to put it into Learn mode.
Learn mode is activated by pressing and holding the button on the rear for 5 seconds.

Motion Sensor Air Learn Button

To learn in your air devices please click here.

Icon Exclamation Mark LoxoneThe LEDs of the Motion Sensor Air are turned off during operation.
When restarting and the device has successfully established a connection with the Air Base, the LEDs will flash green 3 times.
The Motion Sensor Air flashing orange indicates that there is no connection to the Air Base.



Once the Motion Sensor Air has been learnt in, there are a few properties of the device that will may need considering. These two properties to consider are:

Light sensor transmission interval [min]
Evaluation and transmission interval of light sensor (1-120min, 0 = off)

Overrun duration following motion [s]
The ‘Motion’ input will remain ON for the duration after detecting the last movement.

If no motion has been detected within the overrun time then the input will become OFF.

These can be found in the properties panel after clicking on the Motion Sensor Air from the Periphery Tree.

If these properties are changed, the Motion Sensor will need to receive the updated information. This will happen automatically during the next transmission time for Light.
Alternatively, removing the batteries & reinserting them will allow the device to send and receive communication straight away.


To replace the battery, remove the Air movement sensor from the mounting frame. On the back are 2 AA batteries which are easy to take out. After inserting the new batteries and the resulting device restart, the LED of the motion detector flashes 3 times green.

Loxone Motion sensor Air Battery Change.


In order for the motion sensor to detect movement, it is important to place it in a sensible location on the ceiling. The following diagrams will help you decide on a suitable location. In general a sensor will be most sensitive to motion directly below it, as such ideally it should be placed over locations where you might be sitting still in a room.


Quick guide leaflet (pdf)