This function block will output a pulse with an adjustable


After a rising edge at the input Tr the output Q is enabled. If the input at Tr is active longer than the duration of the output pulse (defined with parameter T) then there will be no effect on the state of Q. The output pulse is restarted with every rising edge at Tr.

If the input R is activated, the timer is reset and the output Q is disabled. Then only after a new rising edge at the input Tr, will the timer be restarted.

The block can be set to be retentive, this is done by clicking on the battery symbol to set the red NOT dot on the block (input is by default inactive).

Monoflop Chart Exmaple

Description Default
Inputs Tr Trigger
R Reset 0/Off
Outputs Q Output
Parameters Remanence 0/Off
T Duration of output pulse [s] 2