This meter is suitable for recording consumption or delivery of various utilities such as electricity, gas, water, heat, etc.

For this purpose, the values of a physical meter are read.

Together with other meter function blocks, various consumers, producers or storage units in the building can be linked via the Energy Flow Monitor for an overall display.

Table of Contents


Abbreviation Summary Description Value Range
Pf Power or flow If only this input is used, the meter reading is also calculated from it.
Otherwise it is only used for the output (Pf) and the user interface.
Mr Meter reading Input for meters that send the meter reading directly as an analog value.
For meters that only send partial quantities (e.g. Smart Socket), relative metering must be activated in the settings of the block.
R Reset Pulse: Meter reading outputs are reset.
On: Block is locked.


Abbreviation Summary Description Value Range
Pf Power or flow 0...∞
Mr Meter Reading 0...∞
Rd Reading today 0...∞
Rm Reading this month 0...∞
Ry Reading this year 0...∞
AC API Connector Intelligent API based connector. -


Abbreviation Summary Description Value Range Default Value
Mro Meter reading offset Value is added to output (Mr). 0


Summary Description Default Value
Relative metering Active: The physical meter only sends partial quantities at intervals (relative), the block adds them up and uses them to form the meter reading.
Not active: The physical meter provides its own total meter reading (absolute), the function block only maps it.