Memory Flags


Memory flags allow you to transmit a signal from one place in the config program to another (for example across different pages, or from one place on the page to another which is useful if you have lots of criss-crossing lines starting to form!). It is essentially just a line broken up with the flags. As of Loxone Config Version 8.3, text values can be transferred with Memory Flags.

To insert, a memory flag, click on the Memory Flag button in the Periphery tree and then hit the “Memory flags” button at the top of the screen in the ribbon.

Once you have done this, a memory flag output will follow your cursor around. Simple place this onto a page and then you can get an input memory flag (one that acts as an input) by dragging from the memory flag in the periphery tree.

Dragging the Memory flag onto a page again will give us an input.


By default the memory flag is digital, but if you need to transmit an analogue value or text you need to select the “Type” in the properties.

Memory Flag Type Loxone COnfig


By using the triple click output (RaQ) on a lighting controller you can setup the ability to arm a burglar alarm with a delay (using V on the burglar alarm block). This is perfect for when you leave the house, triple click your Touch switch as you leave, and your alarm will arm as you leave, whilst also turning all the lights off and as it’s a memory flag, it can even be taken elsewhere to be utilised in other parts (such as turning off music if that is playing).