Maintenance Counter



As long as the input En is active the time is measured. The current counter value is output at AQ. The parameter U allows the unit of time to be specified. Parameter U relates only to the analogue output AQ and not to the user interface!

Parameter value  Unit of time
U = 0Seconds
U = 1Minutes
U = 2Hours
U = 3Days

At the output AQ the total operating time of the counter is displayed. At AQl the last start time is displayed and at AQr the time remaining to the next maintenance interval.


The maintenance interval is specified by the parameter MI. At the operating time of the specified maintenance interval Q is activated. A pulse at the input R puts the maintenance interval counter back to zero and the input RA resets the operating time counter completely.


The operating time counter or maintenance counter can be used and edited in the user interface. In the user interface, you can also reset the counter.


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Maintenance intervals of filters, run time monitoring of motors etc.




EnEnableIf En = 1, the counter is active
RResetResets maintenance interval (to Parameter MI)
RATotal ResetResets all counters to 0


UUnit for timeU = 0: Seconds
U = 1: Minutes
U = 2: Hours
U = 3: Days
MIMaintenance intervalInput format for the function blocks input in seconds.
If MI = 0, output Q is without a function.


QState Maintenance intervalOn, if maintenance interval has been exceeded
AQTotal timeTotal time of operating time counter
AQlLast start timeLast start time
AQrTime to maintenanceTime remaining to maintenance interval