Loxone Toolkit


It makes using Loxone Config much, much easier!


Just in case you need to swap out a Miniserver, it would be a very good of you to have one of these for a quick replacement in worst case scenarios.

SD Card

We highly recommend having a number of Loxone approved spare SD cards. The cards in our webshop have been fully tested to be compatible. There are a number of the newer types of SD cards which are not compatible with the Miniserver so to be on the safe side use ours!

Micro SD Reader

Remember to buy a Micro SD card reader too so it fits into your laptop or USB SD card reader. Loxone SD cards come with the reader.


You will need access to a laptop or computer running Windows to use Loxone Config with your Miniserver.

Loxone Config

You will need Loxone Config on your laptop to configure your Miniserver.

Router and CAT Cable

Its always good to have spare CAT cable, for connecting to the Miniserver, testing, etc. If you also pack a router you can still test the apps on a local area network if there is no router setup at site.


Make sure to pop down to your electrical shop and get some spare 120 Ohm resistors. They are easy to lose!

Quick Start Guides

Be sure to keep the Quick Start Guides that come with our products, often sites don’t have Internet access, and you might need them for a quick connection check.

Tech Support Number

Remember to have our number written down somewhere in case you need to call! 01183 130 140 and then dial 1 for support!