Loxone Speaker

This page is no longer updated. The information on this page was created for the Loxone Music Server and Loxone Speakers. Both products are no longer available and have been replaced by the Audioserver and the Install Speaker 7 Passive.

Information about the Loxone Speakers and Loxone Music Server.


Technical Specification

Loxone Speaker Loxone Wall Speaker
Dimensions Diameter: 224mm 440x180x80mm
Installation diameter 204mm N/A
Ceiling installation depth up to 40mm N/A
Power usage 60 Watts 40 Watts
Maximum volume 86dB 86dB
Frequency range 60-20000 Hz 20-20000 Hz
Mono/Stereo switch Yes Yes
Peak power handling for Woofer (60w) Yes No
Speaker backbox volume 10L N/A
Depth 90mm
Protection class IP54 IP20
Dimensions of round cover 232x3mm N/A
Mass N/A 3.4Kg
Impedence 8 Ohms 8 Ohms

Icon To Represent Downloading Files For LoxoneDatasheet for the Loxone Speaker
Datasheet for the Loxone Wall Speaker

Wiring the Loxone Speaker

Wiring Diagram For Loxone Speakers

  • Cable cross-section between a speaker and the music server: up to 20m should be 1.5 mm², from 20 to 50m should be 2.5mm². If the cable length is more than 50m, the cross-section rule must be adapted accordingly. You can use any standard speaker wire.
  • Speaker installation boxes for cast concrete ceilings should have a volume of 7-10l as well as suitable options for mounting the speaker.

For more assistance on cabling or wiring the Music server please follow here.


If you are encountering hum from one or more speakers, then please follow the basic troubleshooting guide below

Ensure the following in advance

  • The gain level directly on the channel of the amplifier should be set as low as possible. If this is turned up too high, this can cause a buzzing sound. The controller for this can be on the back of the amplifier at the top of the respective channel in the form of a small potentiometer.
  • If you have installed the amplifier and the music server in a rack, make sure that the housings of the devices are not grounded. It is best to place the music server on the amplifier so that the case does not touch.
  • The Music server and amplifier are on the same circuit.


Hum is audible in all zones

  • Is there a Sat or DVBT cable near the amp / music server? Keep them away as far as possible, as otherwise disturbing influences can occur.
  • Is the noise also to be heard if you connect headphones directly to the output of the Music Server? If yes, please contact support.


Hum is only audible in one or more zones

  • Is the humming also present if, for example, a cell phone (ungrounded device) on the Line In of the amplifier?
    • If so, please check the cabling of the speakers. A 230V cable in the immediate vicinity of an inferior speaker cable can also induce interference voltages.


Once you have checked all the tips that we have described in your system, there is still the possibility to place a mass separation filter between amplifier and music server, which can filter out the interference voltages.