Loxone Air


With Loxone Air we have developed our own wireless technology. How exactly does it work? You’ll find out in our video.


Loxone Air is specially developed by Loxone wireless technology. It is specifically designed for use in the Smart Home and tailored to the needs of retrofitters. By the use of Mesh technology large transmission ranges are possible because each permanently powered Air unit can operate as a repeater.

To integrate Air equipment your system will need the Air Base Extension, or the Mini Server Go, which has a fully-fledged air base extension integrated.

The Loxone Air communication is encrypted by IPSec. Each Loxone installation has its own encryption key, so that neighbouring installations can not interfere.


The update of the Air devices is performed automatically in the background. The functionality of the device is maintained even during the update. When rebooted during the update process of the Mini Server or the Air Base Extension, the update will start again from the beginning.

The update may take up to an hour.

The versions of the device can be checked on the device status. If the field is highlighted in green, no update is necessary.

Loxone Config Air Update Level Device Status


All Air units with fixed power supply can also be used as an intermediary or repeater to the Air signal with the current exception of the Actuator Air. This means that the wireless radio signals from devices Air that are out of range can be amplified by a permanently-powered Air device and are forwarded to the Air Base Extension. This allows a greater range can be achieved.

Note that the communication through intermediaries may results in delays. If an Air device requires more than two intermediaries (repeaters) in succession, we recommend an additional Air Extension near the low-signal device’s area. To see the number of hops (number of repeaters to Air Base Extension) look at the Device Status AirBase section in the “hops” column.


When multiple devices operating on the same frequency, the connection quality can suffer. Whether the channel you are using is free or occupied, you can check the Device Status of Loxone Config.

Open the device status with a right click on the Air Base and then select detailed device information.

Detailed Device Information Air Channel Check

The result is output in the file Report.txt

Loxone Air Device Channel Check

If the current channel is busy, the frequency of the Air Base Extension & Air Devices should be changed.

In the periphery tree right click on the Air Base Extension and then select  “Change Frequency”.

Air Change Channel Loxone Config

In the bottom right of the pop-out the new frequency can now be selected. “Change frequency” By clicking on all Air devices are currently online about the change.

Loxone Air Channel Change Popout

All Air equipment will now be converted to the new frequency, this is indicated by the status “online and changed”.

Finally, “Add to MiniServer” by clicking on the button to update the Config in the Miniserver.