KNX/EIB Logic Example

Please note the following points:

  • You can normally use Loxone’s advanced logic without having to re-configure an existing EIB installation, however better results will come from utilising the Miniserver as the sole handler of commands.
  • Depending on what you want to do, you will need to use certain ‘EIB sensors’ and ‘EIB actuators’ in conjunction with the function blocks found in the Configuration Software


The powerful Loxone timer is particularly popular. In this example, we’re controlling the lights on a Christmas tree. The EIB actuator (e.g. switched wall socket) is connected using a function block.

Timer Schedule Logic Example


An example of a wind monitor using an EIB sensor to measure wind speed, a comparator, an EIB actuator and an EIB blinds block.

Loxone EIB Blinds Shutdown Logic Example

You can really do anything with Loxone’s logic functions. Discover the full range of possibilities that Loxone has to offer- mathematics, logic, timer functions and much more.