iRoom Controller


Using the iRoom Controller you can integrate your dock products from iRoom into your Loxone home. For further info on iRoom products click here.  The inputs and outputs of iRoom network devices can be integrated via the network interface.


In order to insert an iRoom controller, first select “Network devices” in the peripheral tree, then the “Add network devices” button appears at the top of the screen in the ribbon. A drop-down menu opens and you can select and insert the iRoom controller.

iRoom controller configuration

In the properties of iRoom Controller, you can enter the Network Address. The default port for communication is 13601 it will automatically be appended to the entered address so there is no need to add this manually yourself.

iRoom Controller Properties Panel

Icon Exclamation Mark LoxoneThe operation and installation instructions for the iRoom devices can be found here.


The network device iRoom Controller contains a series of sensors and actuators (inputs & outputs) that can be used in the configuration:


Buttons 1-8, and Home Button Buttons on the front of the wall holder
Digital Inputs 0-8 Digital inputs of the wall bracket details, refer to the instructions of iRoom’s iBezel
Digital Inputs 0-8 Is active as soon as an iPad is docked in the posture
Relay Status of relay on bracket
Volume Current volume
Proximity Sensor Proximity sensor of the bracket


In the iDock, Relay, Mute, Play / Pause actuators, there are commands for ON, OFF and Toggle (Toggle = Change state)

Beep Output the sound signal on the bracket
IDock (close / open / toggle) Commands to control the iDock
Relay (close / open / toggle) Commands to control the relay mounted on the wall bracket
Mute / Unmute / Toggle Mute Commands to control the mute state of the mount
Play / Pause / Toggle Play / Pause Command to play / stop media
Volume Analogue volume output
Volume down Audio output
Volume up Audio output
Text Command User-defined text commands can be used by “;” Separately.