Intelligent Temperature Controller


The Intelligent temperature controller calculates the flow temperature and the heating circuit pump and the mixer are free. In addition, the buffer nominal temperature is also calculated . The block can be used either for heating or for cooling (adjustable in the Properties window of the block)

In intelligent temperature control the heating curve takes external influences in to account. (adjustable via the parameter Min , Max , S , N ). For the heating curve: The lower the outside temperature, the higher the flow temperature. Alternatively for the cooling curve: The higher the outside temperature, the lower the flow temperature.

By double- clicking on the module or in the Properties window, intelligent room control of the various rooms can be selected. Thus, the intelligent temperature control can see the desired room temperature and the room temperature deviations.


In this video our CEO Thomas explains the basic functions of intelligent temperature control.



AIAnalogue Input outside temperatureFor providing outside temperature
IbBoost inputWhen heating : Maximum flow temperature (parameter max) is output at AQF

When cooling : Minimum flow temperature ( parameter Min ) is output at AQF

StSTOP inputDigital input – Suspends manifold operation. When on:

During heating: The minimum target flow temperature is put out on AQf and AQb

During cooling: The maximum target flow temperature is put out on AQf and AQb


MinMinimum flow temperature
MaxMaximum flow temperature
BBuffer TemperatureBuffer temperature increase (for heating) or Buffer temperature lowering (during cooling )
SSlope of the heating or cooling curve
NCurve offset or cooling curveDuring heating the flow temperature is increased by this value , lowered during cooling.
StrStart threshold in %Only when the valve of at least one room is indicating a greater demand than this output Qp to indicate a manifold demand is switched on
GGain of room temperature differenceSets with what gain the room temperature difference is weighted (default value = 1)
IRoom target temperature increase during the heating phase


AQtHighest TargetRoom target temperature of the room with the highest (heating) or the lowest (when in cooling) required target flow temperature
TxQrText outputProvides the name of the room with the highest (when heating) and lowest (when cooling) target flow temperature
AQfFlow Target Temperature
AQbBuffer Target Temperature
QpDigital outputOutput  to indicate manifold demand for mixing valve or pump control
AQrHeating / Cooling unit requirement in°CM2Heating a cooling demand of each room is calculated as: Temperature difference * Room size
AQlHeating / Cooling load (0-100%)The heating and cooling load of each room is calculated as follows: demand of room * area of room / total area
AQiFlow temperature increase / decreaseCurrent increase of flow temperature (during heating) or Current decrease of flow temperature (during cooling)
QeDigital error output