Gate Overview


With this block, you can send outputs to all other gate controllers with ease.


By double clicking on the block, you will open the following window:

You can select the blocks this block can control. For the Garage/Gate Overview, these will all be Garage/Gate Blocks.

Overview commands are also not blocked by an active Dis input on the respective module. The Dis input only refers to the input connections on the left side of the blocks themselves. The function blocks can still be operated via the app and the overview block.

If a function block is controlled by an overview block, this is indicated by the central symbol on the respective module. In addition, the device name in which it is used is specified.


NameFunctionDescriptionvalue rangeunit
TrTrigger open / closeToggleable open/close input0/1 –
IoTrigger OpenDiscrete input for open. Another input will not close the gate.0/1 –
IcTrigger CloseDiscrete input for close. Another input will not open the gate.0/1 –
StSTOP inputPulse stops the gate where it at it’s current position.0/1 –
DisDisableChild protection – The inputs Tr, Io and Ic are disabled when Dis = 1.0/1