The 4 inputs AI1-AI4 are analogue inputs where variables or constants can be used in the calculations.

You can enter the formula for the calculation in the properties of the block. The four inputs are assigned as I1, I2, I3 and I4. The result of the calculation is output at AQ.

If an illegal mathematic operation is performed (for example division by 0) then an error message is output at TQ.


The formula block is useful for calculating the mean of values for example voltages. To do this with the block you would add the voltages and then divide by the total number of voltages.

For example: (I1+I2+I3)/4

Loxone Config Formula


Function Description
+ Addition
* Multiplication
/ Division
^ Raise to the power
PI Value of Pi (~3.14)
ABS Absolute value
SQRT Square root
SINH Hyperbolic sine
COSH Hyperbolic cosine
TANH Hyperbolic tangent
LN Natural logarithm of a value (base e)
LOG Common logarithm (base 10)
EXP Exponential function
SIN Sine
COS Cosine
TAN Tangent
ARCSIN Arcsine
ARCCOS Arccosine
ARCTAN Arctangent
RAD Radians (2PI)
DEG Degrees (360°)

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Level calculations, mean values, heating system calculations, etc.