Energy Monitor


The Energy Monitor simplifies the collection of production data, for example of a PV system.

The Energy Monitor can be used to record production data of an inverter. The data can be processed by the object inputs in combination with a counter.
In addition, the block can visualize production data, financial savings and a battery storage in the user interface.

Supported inverters:

Directly in the function block via Ethernet (TCP/IP):
Fronius Primo, Symo

Fronius GEN24 Plus are supported from firmware 1.14.1.
This requires activation of the Solar API interface on the inverter.

Kostal Piko inverters that support the RS485 protocol via TCP (port 81)

Via template (Modbus TCP/RTU, RS485, RS232):
Kostal Plenticore template for Modbus TCP (port 1502)
Solar Edge
Further templates are available on Loxone Library.

Please also see our documentation on Integrating Photovoltaic Systems.


Basic Programming


Various types of meters can be connected to the inputs of the function block. “Block inputs” are selected as data source in the properties. The connection of the individual sensors can be seen in the screenshot.



In order to display accurate data in the user interface, the cost for electricity consumption/export and the Co2 factor must also be specified in the properties.


To receive data directly from your inverter, select “Fronius” or “Kostal” as the data source in the properties window and enter the IP address and device number of the inverter. The data is queried periodically once every minute.


attentionPlease make sure to update the Fronius Datamanager. An old version of the Fronius Datamanger may make it impossible to read any data.



The device number is displayed in the Fronius web interface under Settings > Inverter as the system number.
It can also be obtained via the ‘GetActiveDeviceinfo’ function.



The device number is identical to the RS485 address.
It can be found in the Kostal web interface on the main page and on the settings page.



Name Summary Description Value Range Unit
Ep Analog input total energy produced Total energy produced by the PV system kWh
Pp Analog input current production power Current power produced by the PV system kW
Ev Analog input consumption Energy imported from grid.
Is either added or used as an absolute value, depending on parameter A. Required for statistics recording.
Pv Analog input power Current power supplied by grid.

  • Positive when energy is purchased
  • Negative when energy is fed in

Used for user interface and calculation of the current consumption.

Ed Analog input export Energy exported to grid.
Is either added or used as an absolute value, depending on parameter A. Required for statistics recording.
Ps Analog input current power energy storage Current power with which the energy storage is charged or discharged

  • Positive when storage is discharged
  • Negative when storage is charged
Ss Charge level of the energy storage Current charge level of the battery storage 0-100 %
AIe Error code Numeric error code of the inverter
R Reset Resets all metered values to 0 0/1



Name Summary Description Value Range Unit
Prd Feed-in tariff Price per unit for exporting electricity to the grid Currency
Prc Purchase price Price per unit for importing electricity from the grid Currency
Co2 Co2 savings Conversion factor for Co2 reduction Kg Co2 / kWh
A Absolute value on/off 0 = values at input Ev are added, 1 = the value at input Ev is an absolute value. 0/1

The exact CO2 savings factor can be obtained from your energy supplier.


Name Summary Description Value Range Unit
AQp analog output Current production kW
AQp1 analog output Energy production today kWh
AQp2 analog output Energy production this month kWh
AQp3 analog output Energy production this year kWh
AQp4 analog output Total energy production kWh
AQc analog output Current consumption kW
AQc1 analog output Consumption today kWh
AQc2 analog output Consumption this month kWh
AQc3 analog output Consumption this year kWh
AQc4 analog output Total consumption kWh
AQi1 analog output Revenue today Currency
AQi2 analog output Revenue this month Currency
AQi3 analog output Revenue this year Currency
AQi4 analog output Total revenue Currency
S Status code Inverter status cod
E Error code Inverter error code



More information on wiring can be found here.



When production is greater than consumption, then revenue = export * feed-in tariff + consumption * purchase price. Consumption = energy produced + energy consumed – energy export.
The energy consumption is updated every 5 minutes.

When consumption is greater than production, then revenue = production * purchase price.

If no energy is currently produced, the revenue remains unchanged. Revenue is calculated only when producing energy.

The currency can be set in the project’s properties: