Downlights – Retrofit


Downlights are one of the most common forms of lighting in homes as they provide a even light through a room and take up little space and do not drop ceiling heights, as such being able to retrofit these to the Loxone solution is key. When retrofitting downlights the best option is if possible to make the move over to 24V lighting, this is due to  number of reasons but primarily because the quality of dimming achievable with 24V lighting is much greater. This does mean that swapping out the existing 230V light fittings with 24VDC ones would be required. If this is not possible then we would recommend looking at the Retrofit 230V Downlights section.


Here at Loxone we suggest using 24V spots when it comes to retrofit as the performance is better and more reliable than 230V particularly when looking at dimming. There are also some other benefits to using 24V lighting which you’ll find on the next page. Please select below the image of your desired lighting type.


24V Downlights
Loxone Spotlight (in situ)


230V Dimmed 230V Switched
3rd Party Spotlight (in situ) 3rd Party Spotlight 2 (in situ)